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Posted 02 June 2009 - 12:24 PM

Hey guys, just a slight problem with my setup. I am not sure if this is a livezilla problem or just my setup.
This might get a bit complicated, I'll try explain it as best as I can.

So I use WHMCS for my ticket support system, I use Google apps to process my emails.
In filezilla, I have to use SMTP with ssl auth as google apps requires this.

LiveZilla = I use the login michael@domain.com for my smtp login
WHMCS = when someone sends to tech@domain.com a new support ticket gets opened

So the way i've set it up is that when a user leaves an offline message, it gets sent to tech@domain.com
This opens a new ticket.

This is where the problem is at. When the offline message gets sent to tech@domain.com , the "From" address is "michae@domain.com"
The ticket does get opened, but, the person who opened the ticket is michael@domain.com

Shouldn't the From address be the email address that the user enters into livezilla?

Any help would be great!


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