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Invalid date, reseting user icons and other bugs and questions

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Posted 19 August 2019 - 09:33 AM


First of all, thank you for your excellent product.

I noticed couple of bugs:

- When knowledge base is being viewed with mobile device (Safari OS @ iPhone at least), at the end of an article where the publishers name, icon and date is displayed, text "Invalid date" is being displayed instead of proper date and time of the published article. This does not happen on MacOS safari or Windows browsers. This bug is still existing in the latest LiveZilla version

- From time the time operator (or chatbot) icon image disappears when operator settings are being changed and saved. This requires reuploading the icon image. This bug exists at least in LiveZilla version 8.0.x, but I do not yet cannot confirm is it fixed in the latest version.

I am not sure are these bugs but at least feature improvement requests:

- It seems that if I have configured chat bot to handle all chats when human operator is away, chats are not still passed to bot immediately when I am available and started a chat, and after it I select "Away - chats are deactivated, no automatic chat invites" to my status. It requires for me to log out from LiveZilla to actually deactivate the chats and pass them to bot. (Not absolutely sure was this already fixed in the very latest version).

- Also site users may feel confused with the untransparent transitions between human operator and chatbot in case human operator arrives and leaves in the middle of chat. This transition would feel easier if LiveZilla would output the welcome message of chatbot or human operator to the chat window every time this switch happens, so chat person would know to whom his talking to

- Also if this transition (log out of human operator) happens during the connection from the chat customer, connection (flashing 3 dots) seems to run forever even though connection is impossible and chatbot should answer instead. Chatbot is still unresponsive after connection timeouts. This causes unpleasant customer experience.

- I have also build a chatbot using both knowledge base and chatbot script parser. Is there any way to control are content fetch first from the knowledge base or from the chatbot script? Also I would like to configure multiple responses at the cases where no match is found, that are outputted randomly. Is there a way to control that default message from PHP chatbot script using chatbot API? Now replies are too often simply same "client_no_bot_result" - I would like to randomly change the content of that parameter in the fly that if the bot doesn't find answer it would randomly reply from multiple different answers like:

"Unfortunatelly I cannot reply to your question. Please try to reformulate your phrase"
"It seems that my abilities to give you answer in this matter are limited. Can you please ask differently?"
"Sorry, I don't know answer for that"
"It seems that my memory bank is corrupted..."

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