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Closing chats & Chat Archive issue

chat archive closing

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Posted 25 July 2016 - 01:48 PM

He Everyone!

My company started using LiveZilla about two weeks ago to provide online support to our customers. Unfortunately we faced some issues which we didn't manage to deal with.

The most important problem is a great mess in our chat archive. First of all, the desktop client app (Windows 10) stops updating the chat archive every a few days. We've learned to solve this issue deleting [USER_DIR]\Documents\LiveZilla\[hash] directory. Much worse is that dates in the archive are incorrect, for example: a chat with today's date, contains conversation which took place 3 weeks ago. Attached screenshot shows such situation - in this particular case I'm sure that this chat's correct date is 29th of June because this is a test chat between me and our support desk. We've contacted LiveZilla support about this matter and their response was that they had never come across such problem. They suppose that dates incorrectly updated by the client app but we were not give any solution. According to the LiveZilla team the web-based client should be immune to such mistakes. Unfortunately, our tests show the problem still exists when no desktop apps are used at all.

We checked the system's database and noted that the lz_chat_archive contains three columns storing timestamps: time, endtime and closed.The closed column seems to be OK, but time and endtime are incorrect. We've manage to catch such SQL statements to the database:
2016-07-25T12:27:03.166702Z12542 Query UPDATE `lz_chat_archive` SET `endtime`=1469443430,`time`=1469443481 WHERE `chat_id`='11710' LIMIT 1
2016-07-25T12:27:03.170243Z12542 Query UPDATE `lz_visitor_chats` SET `external_close`=1,`status`=2,`waiting`=0,`exit`=1469449624,`response_time`=955,`chat_posts`=5 WHERE `chat_id`='11710' LIMIT 1
2016-07-25T12:27:03.178588Z12542 Query UPDATE `lz_chat_archive` SET `endtime`=1469445695,`time`=1469445426 WHERE `chat_id`='11710' LIMIT 1
2016-07-25T12:27:03.189727Z12542 Query UPDATE `lz_visitor_chats` SET `external_close`=1,`status`=2,`waiting`=0,`exit`=1469449624,`response_time`=478,`chat_posts`=5 WHERE `chat_id`='11710' LIMIT 1
2016-07-25T12:27:03.193220Z12542 Query UPDATE `lz_chat_archive` SET `endtime`=1469443430,`time`=1468831443 WHERE `chat_id`='11710' LIMIT 1
2016-07-25T12:27:11.390207Z12581 Query UPDATE `lz_visitor_chats` SET `external_close`=1,`status`=2,`waiting`=0,`exit`=1469449632,`response_time`=452,`chat_posts`=5 WHERE `chat_id`='11710' LIMIT 1
2016-07-25T12:27:11.393866Z12581 Query UPDATE `lz_chat_archive` SET `endtime`=1469443430,`time`=1469443481 WHERE `chat_id`='11710' LIMIT 1
2016-07-25T12:27:11.398344Z12581 Query UPDATE `lz_visitor_chats` SET `external_close`=1,`status`=2,`waiting`=0,`exit`=1469449632,`response_time`=955,`chat_posts`=5 WHERE `chat_id`='11710' LIMIT 1

It looks like nonsense because of at least two reasons: 1) the conversation took place on 29th of June, 2) it doesn't make sens to set endtime to 1469443430, then to: 1469445695 and then set it back to: 1469443430.

We also noted that when either user or operator closes a chat, there is still possibility to communicate between them. We suppose that chats are somehow not closed correctly and it results in problems we have.

Does anyone faced similar issues? Do you have any idea, what can ba a problem in our configuration?

I would be glad if some can give me description of a "logic" behind closing chats ind transferring them to the archive? When the conversation is considered as closed and when should it be visible in archive?

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